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Fishermen's Ball

Last Updated: 06/16/2011

Fishermen's Ball


Last Updated: 06/16/2011

Steven "Pearly" Hettum

and The Janglers

Steve's been performing his original songs at festivals, clubs and coffee houses for the past three decades. He's been described as "a dynamic performer with a down home voice and an easy way with the guitar." He performs as a solo artist or with accompaniment of two to six players. Repertoire includes about fifty original songs.

"If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine Dylan himself up there." - Phil Stanford, The Oregonian

"He's like John Prine meets John Fogerty meets Jimmy Buffet. He's amazing." - Dan Sause, Locals Only Records

"An American storyteller that took the London folk scene by surprise." - John Barry, Time Out. London, England.

"A strong but sensitive voice." - Michael Kearsey, Berkshire Snow Productions."

"Steven Pearly- fantastic!" - BRTO Radio, Netherlands.

"Pearly- fine new country rock." - Galere 88.4 FM. France.


  • The Fishermen's Ball - 12 song CD
  • Middle Age Man - 12 song CD
  • The Jangler - 13 song CD

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